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4 - 7115 West Saanich Rd
Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1P7
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Brentwood Dental Hygiene Clinic

Brentwood Dental Hygiene clinic is an independent dental hygiene practice in the heart of the Brentwood Bay village. It is an office that strives to be green while maintaining the highest infection control measures. The atmosphere is soothing, caring and educational. Joanne provides a very thorough teeth scaling with gentle hands. Her focus is on your oral health and on your general well being.

Why Choose Brentwood Dental Hygiene Clinic..?

  • Personalized oral hygiene care for your specific needs
    Affordable dental hygiene care
  • Your time is valued with no wait times
  • Accepted by most insurance plans (We bill your plan directly so you don’t have to wait for the payment to be sent to you)
  • Evening and Saturday hours available
  • All appointments are completed with clients receiving a warm soothing face towel & lavender

Professional Goals:

  • Provide the highest standards of personalized dental hygiene care
  • Provide a safe and sterile environment
  • Provide affordable and accessible dental hygiene care
  • Provide referral and consultation to other health care providers
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